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DAROTopp® Flowing Synthetic Topping - System


DAROTopp® flowing synthetic topping can be installed on virtually any type of floor. This is an advantage in damp areas such as basements, kitchens and washrooms, where for example organic gypsum based products will not perform. Typical practices of waterproofing may also be required in areas directly exposed to water such as showers or baths.

Bonded system

DAROTopp® can be used on every type of construction. Applications include the use as a bonded synthetic topping, separation layers (slip sheet), insulation layer, cavity flooring and in -floor heating systems

Cavity floor system

DAROTopp® is economically installed in almost every market sector. This

includes new constructions or renovations of small or large commercial or

residential buildings. 

layer system

DAROTopp® can be applied on numerous types of existing surfaces such as concrete (slab-on-grade, pre-cast ), wood, insulaton, hardwood, vinyl,

quarry/ceramic tile or thin carpet.


The poreless consistency of DAROTopp® provides excellent thermal conductivity qualities, resulting in higher performing floors and ultimately in energy savings. DAROTopp® has much greater and uniform thermal transfer than concrete, resulting in faster heating of the floor with finer temperature control to provide residents with a much higher comfort level.

Insulation system

In the case of renovations, substantial time & cost savings can be realized as existing coverings do not require removal, providing there is headroom for the new topping. The area will need to be swept and a slip sheet is to be installed to ensure the underground is separated.


The efficient installation procedure will not cause any damage to insulation or heating tubes and mats. The increased strength and flowability of DAROTopp® provides optimum coverage for heating tubes and cables.

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