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To be able to give a replaceable product a distinctive image of a brand, one has to constantly work on it.

This we are aware of. For one, we achieve our product image through our self-defined quality standards which are well above the normal values. Secondly, we provide our main target groups – Mixers and Processors – with all the instruments that are offered by strategic marketing. Service performance is foremost here.
Technical Support

DARO offers their complete knowledge potential of up to 50 million square meters of supplied floating screed, consistently prepares optimal technical documents for their own use as well as for information for their market partner.



DARO attracts the target groups nationally, through mailers, trade shows, exhibitions, advertisements, PR articles, events, provides assistance for Production and Quality Assurance measures​ and assists in the image-building process of individual companies through targeted advertising measures and publicity.


Branding & Identity

DARO actively participates in Association activities, symposia and technology circles in order to translate their product and service know how to systems branding and to transfer product innovations in to their own brands


Construction Sites

The recipe for the DARO conducts product introductions with technical, organizational and market-oriented support. DARO guarantees advertisement support by contributing to insertions, events, promotional materials, argumentation support.

Development / Design

The recipe for the DAROTopp® flowing synthetic Topping is prepared in cooperation with our building materials laboratory, which together with the concerned cement factory, optimize the available regional aggregates.


DARO takes over a part of the market development for the Mixers, through acquisition of installation companies. 


The mixture produced is subjected to strict quality controls. DARO provides technical support through their own expert consultants, who optimize the production process and logistics, depending on the technical and construction site related conditions.


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